Sport Specific Giving


Questions about Sports Specific Giving?

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Sport Specific Giving

"Be the Winning Edge"

Sports-Specific Giving is a great way to directly impact the program(s) you are most passionate about.

By making a Sports-Specific Gift, you give Tigers a winning edge when competing against member institutions in the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC).

Each sport below has a foundation account within the Tennessee State Athletic Fund in which donations can be received and used at the discretion of the Director of Athletics and Head Coach.

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For me to compete for TSU is a privilege which everyday I'm extremely grateful for, and it also means to compete for a program that has all the tools to be great. Moreover, it creates a sense of pride and fight inside of me to bleed blue and to be the best we can be. I want to say thank you to all the donors and supporters for everything that they have done for TSU athletics, and that continue to do. We are lucky to have such amazing supporters.